Decorative & Architectural Wire Mesh Panels

Architectural wire mesh is essentially a metal mesh product, but it is different from industrial wire mesh for filtering and screening purposes, which combines aesthetics and practical functions. Decorative wire mesh can be used both interiors and exteriors, mainly to add aesthetic and artistry to the architecture.

Architectural mesh is made of metal wire or sheet metal, the available materials include stainless steel, weathering steel, aluminum alloy, copper, brass and other special alloys. In order to achieve various unique colors, the surface can also be specially treated, such as copper plating, brass plating, titanium plating, spray painting, powder coating, etc.

There are many kinds of decorative architectural wire mesh panels/sheets, according to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into crimped wire mesh, woven mesh, perforated metal sheet, expanded metal, spiral wire mesh, conveyor belt, etc.

Decorative architectural mesh panels are novel and environmentally friendly decorative materials, which are innovatively used by architects and designers for interior and exterior of architectures, such as building facades, cladding and shading, infill panels for stairs and handrails, enclosures mesh; interior such as ceilings, space divider/isolation in restaurants and hotels, translucent privacy screens, elevator trim panels, wall cladding, sound dampening in music studios and opera houses.

Styles & Types of Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Sheets

Decorative wire mesh is available in thousands of styles and patterns. The pattern, size and color can be customized.
decorative mesh panels
CM101-AB: Antique brass decorative wire mesh

Stainless steel + Antique brass

stainless steel architectural mesh
WCM101: Stainless Steel Architectural Mesh Screen

Flexible Wire Mesh Screen

stainless steel architectural mesh fabric
WCM102: Architectural Woven Wire Mesh
crimped wire mesh manufacturers
CM106: Stainless Steel Crimped Mesh
architectural stainless steel wire mesh conveyor belt
SWM1: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt
antique copper decorative wire grilles
CM302: Antique Copper Mesh Sheet
decorative brass mesh screen
CM303 Decorative Brass Wire Mesh

80% open area

Decorative Woven Wire Mesh Panels
CM103: Decorative Mesh Screen for Room Dividers
decorative metal mesh sheet
CM104: Decorative Metal Screen Panels
stainless steel decorative wire grilles
CM107: Decorative Wire Mesh Infill Panels
decorative wire mesh for cabinet doors
CM102: Decorative wire mesh for cabinet doors

Bright Gold Color

stainless steel decorative mesh panels
CM105: Decorative Metal Grilles
decorative copper screen mesh
WCM301: Decorative Copper Mesh
architectural metal mesh cladding
CM108: Stainless Steel Mesh Screen
decorative flat top wire mesh panel
CM109: Stainless Steel Mesh Panels



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