decorative wire mesh panel
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CM105: Decorative Metal Grilles for Cabinet Doors

CM105 decorative metal grilles are woven from stainless steel wire with a flattened shape between two round wires. The overall pattern looks like a regular arrangement of petals from a distance, this pattern combines aesthetics and practical function, providing a striking visual appeal and increased comfort. The stainless steel material makes this architectural wire mesh suitable for various environments inside and outside the building; the 30% open area makes this wire mesh especially suitable for shading, semitransparent privacy screens, room divider screen, space separators, cabinets or cabinet doors, and many other decorative uses, etc.

Basic Specification

  • Open Area: 30%
  • Round wire diameter:  in. ( mm)
  • Flat wire diameter:  x in. ( x mm)
  • Overall thickness:  in. ( mm)
  • Approximate weight: 2.23 lbs/ft2 (11 kg/m2)
  • Material: 302, 304 or 316 stainless steel wire
  • Available secondary surface treatment: metal plating (copper, brass or titanium plated), antique brass/copper plated, spray painting, etc.
  • Available color: bright, antique copper/brass, gold, rose gold, white, black, etc.

Product Photo Details

Decorative Metal Grilles for Cabinet Doors
Stainless Steel Decorative Metal Grilles
stainless steel decorative wire grille
decorative wire mesh grilles
Decorative wire mesh grilles can be used for cabinets
stainless steel decorative mesh
decorative grilles for cabinet doors
Decorative Wire Grilles
decorative stainless steel woven wire mesh

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