stainless steel spiral wire mesh conveyor belt
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SWM1: Stainless Steel Spiral Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

SWM1 is a stainless steel spiral wire mesh is also used as a wire mesh conveyor belt, it is also known as balanced weave belt, it is made of a series of horizontally wire rods running through the spiral wire, and both ends are gas welded. The transverse wire rods can be straight or pre-crimped. It was originally used for raw materials or products on industrial transportation lines. Because of its beautiful patterns, it was loved by designers in the architectural system. The decorative stainless steel wire mesh conveyor belt is widely used in architectural decoration, such as building facades and cladding of hotels, office buildings and other architectures, doors and windows and curtains, exterior wall decoration, suspended ceilings, room dividers, space separators, infill panels of handrails and railings, etc.

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Architectural stainless steel wire mesh conveyor belt

Architectural stainless steel wire mesh conveyor belt

decorative metal mesh conveyor belt

Decorative metal mesh conveyor belt

wire mesh conveyor belt

Decorative wire mesh conveyor belt made of stainless steel

decorative metal conveyor belts
decorative metal mesh belt
Decorative Spiral Wire Mesh

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