Flat Top Wire Mesh Panels
Product images are photographed by Brilliant Metals. Due to shooting light and production batches, the actual color of the product and the color in the picture may be slightly different.

CM107: Decorative Wire Mesh Infill Panels for Railing & Balustrade

CM107 is a flat top decorative wire mesh infill panels can be used for railing, balustrade and cabinet door. The metal mesh panel is woven from double stainless steel wires, it has square openings and flat top surfaces. The larger diameter makes this wire mesh strong and durable, and the stainless steel material makes it suitable for both architectural interiors and a wide range of outdoor environments. In addition, the bright color makes the overall wire mesh panel have a high-grade feeling, and the oval flat top provides a comfortable visual experience.

Basic Specification

  • Open Area: 48%
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Wire diameter: 0.0787 in. (2 mm)
  • Mesh opening: 0.354 in. (9 mm)
  • Overall thickness: 0.110 in. (2.8mm)
  • Approximate Weight: 1.43 lbs/ft2 (7 kg/m2)
  • Color: Bright

Product Photo Details

Product photos taken by Brilliant Metals.
Decorative Wire Mesh Infill Panels for Railing

Decorative Wire Mesh Infill Panels for Railing

decorative wire mesh panels for cabinet doors
decorative wire mesh railing panels

Decorative wire mesh railing panels

metal mesh balustrade infill panels
decorative wire mesh for cabinets balustrade infill panels

Decorative wire mesh for balustrade infill panels and cabinets

stainless steel wire mesh railing panels

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